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Top 5 Stress gun trigger

May 1, 2009 - Updated: May 2, 2009

Nobody cares stress. Whether it is a blow that lands while you do not expect it, the depreciation we feel when the boss is in a bad mood or even just a cloudy day when we were hoping for sunshine, it grinds at our vitality.

Stress actually Is not in what happens, but in how we respond to it. This gives us a good way to beat it. If we know our stress triggers and prepare as best we can, we can stand up to stress before it gets to us. As Hamlet says, "The readiness is all" -- so, as wintertime keeps us pretty holed up inside, let's get on the lookout for these five expected stress gun trigger.


  1. Finances: Stress commonly mounts in the winter months. Even if you aren't faced with escalating mortgage payments, a dissatisfactory paycheque or a betrayed investment, bills burn down with the cold. If you have not already, put away an exceptional reserve of cash now to help weather unforeseen emergencies later. That way, if a surprise sneaks up, you will be less jolted and less stressed.

  2. Health: Stress expert Dr. Hans Selye says each stressful response to an event is equivalent to 100th of a heart attack. Say we're in a relationship in which we grate against our partner all day long -- no one gets out right angry, but the underlying, underground disharmony continually wreaks inner havoc. Or itperhaps at our job, wherever we hold our opinions to ourselves in very adverse conditions.


Besides letting stress develop in these tense situations, take a fearless inventory of all the matters that bother you often. Try free writing for a couple of days, and you will bring out stress triggers that will for certain come up. Write down how you would most wish to respond to them -- and don't hold back. This will prepare you and lessen any stress.


  1. Family: Personal strife is a prime cause of stress. For the weather stays cold, we're in

closer proximity with one another than we possibly used to. Arguments require a shorter fuse to ignite.You will be able to avoid this victimizing pattern, though; even in the cold, nature has a support that can help sustain us.


Beat the stress by breathing with walks, runs or jogs anytime you'll be able to -- any vigorous movement of the body that gets you away from closed-in conditions. When you return, the mounting frustration will be cut off and the good side of your family will loom large.


4. Weather: When it pours like it is never going to stop, or you get snowed in or battered by harsh winds, you feel the primordial stress of worry for personal survival. Even if it isn't a Katrina-style emergency, but just sloppy and cold, be as ready as you can for the unpredictable.

In previous generations, people just spent more time "within themselves" in a darkness before electricity. I believe that a practice of daily meditation on positive feelingsand truths will best heighten awareness and help protect you from adversity.


5. Loneliness: We may not be aware of it, but in most of us there is still the child that would like to* be showered with gifts or compliments and bathed in human affectionateness. Because those who feel alienated or are without a special someone, winter can be an especially painful time. That automatic closeness around the fire with family or friends just doesn't happen. Nothing can be as desperately alienating as feeling alone at one time when we want warmth and closeness .


Don't let yourself be a prisoner. If you can sing, join a choir that performs works for all seasons. Act in a play. Call up another person who might feel left out themselves. When you're there for someone else, you'll also be there for deep, unspoken needs within yourself. So this year, rather than leaving an opening for stress and personal friction, use this time of cold, rainy or snowy weather to beat stress -- you can find happiness within yourself and enrich the lives of those you love.

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